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The lawyer Patrizia Maestranzi, Italian and Swiss citizen, graduated in law in 1993 at the University of Milan, Forensic engaged in the business since the year 1996, after having gained a significant and long-standing experience with leading law firms in Milan before embarking on their business in the same studio formed in 2003. Lawyer Patrizia Maestranzi has developed a specific expertise in the area of ​​the right of the person, the family and children with particular specialization in the protection of the most vulnerable and the protection of family assets (Asset and Trust Fund) at the civil level. He also participated in conferences in the areas of competence and attend updating courses, in addition to being an AIAF partner (Italian Association of Family Lawyers) and the Chamber of Juvenile Milan. The lawyer Patrizia Maestranzi also performs the task of Director of Support, Tutor and Curator of Special children at the Court of Milan. Currently, the firm is able to provide Maestranzi court advice (opinions and contracts) as well as advocacy and assistance ahead Jurisdictional Authority. In particular, the firm specializes in the areas of civil law, and, primarily, the right of individuals, families and children, for greater protection of “vulnerable subjects” and their assets.

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The lawyer Patrizia Maestranzi is enrolled in the Elenco Speciale degli Avvocati for legal aid in the state. From September 2006 to May 2008 she was a member of the Committee for Equal Opportunities for Women Lawyer of the Court of Milan, and, in that capacity, has been active in issues related to gender discrimination in every workplace. Already in the years 1997 and 1998 the lawyer Patrizia Maestranzi was one of the founders of the association A.D.D.I.S (Association of Separated and Divorced Women), a non-profit organization that provided assistance and support and advice of various kinds (legal, psychological and recreational) to divorced and separated women.

Taking advantage of the collaboration of external professionals, the firm can also offer integrated legal advice on tax matters and corporate law.

For colleagues who had need of domicile or of a corresponding attorney, the firm performs legal domiciliation service, replacement at the hearing and settlement of obligations of the Court at the Court of Appeal and the Court of Milan.

In accordance with Article 17.II.b the code of ethics of lawyers, notice is hereby given that the professional responsible for each activity counseling and legal assistance provided to customers come into contact with this law firm Maestranzi through this site is the lawyer Patrizia Maestranzi, registered on 17.10.1996 to the Bar in Milan, n. 2007000162, registered in the special register of Cassation Lawyers dated 27.3.2009, with offices in Milan, Via Fontana, 22, VAT 12,054,480,152.

The professional liability established by law for any damage by negligence or incompetence in the activity of legal advice is provided by an insurance policy no. 2236717 in place for General Insurance Agents, Milan 562, with a maximum compensation of € 300,000.00.

The online legal advice given by the Law Firm Maestranzi is strictly a fee, not being allowed the lawyer to provide free business consulting.

The Law Firm Maestranzi apply the new parameters for the determination of compesi professional in the courts and in D. M. n. 55 of 10.3.2014.