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Legal aid



Italian citizens, foreign nationals residing lawfully in Italy, stateless persons (even if not resident in Italy) and non-profit entities and associations that are not engaged in economical activities may apply for legal aid.

The applicant is required to be holder of a annual taxable income not exceeding € 11.369,24, as resulting from the last income return.

If the petitioner cohabits with the consort or with other relatives, the income achieved in the same time by every family member, including the petitioner, will be added up.



The application for legal aid must be submitted to the Secretary of the competent Bar Council, that shall take a decision upon acceptance, rejection or  non-eligibility of the application, after its validity have been assessed.

When granting an application, the Council shall transmit a copy of the decision to the applicant, to the competent court and to the Revenue office for the controls.

In case of rejection or non-eligibility, the application may be submitted to the competent court.



No costs.



The Bar Council decides within 10 days from the presentation or the reception of the application for legal aid



In case of rejection, the concerned person or his lawyer can appeal the decision within 20 days from the notification. The decision on appeal is communicated by the registry  to the parties within 10 days.

An appeal before the Court of Cassation may be brought against the decision on appeal, within 20 days from the notification. It has not suspensive effects.

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