areas of specialization


Law Firm lawyer Patrizia Maestranzi work in Milan in the areas of civil law:

Family Law – Law Firm Maestranzi has an expertise in the area of ​​family law. Paying special attention to the evolution and constant updating legislation and case law on the subject, the firm offers a specialized service in each phase of the judgments of separation and divorce, with regard to financial and economic relations between spouses or partners and maintenance than the children. The firm will also deal with questions concerning the determination of the parent-child relationship, it is legitimate, it is natural, and the resulting actions such as denial of paternity, recognition of the natural child, the judicial declaration of paternity and maternity.

Administrative Support, Protection and judicial receiverships – The lawyer. Patrizia Maestranzi carries out ongoing activity of Director of Support, the Tutor and Curator of Special being appointed to these offices by the Court of Milan.

Rights of citizens and Swiss companies in Italy – The lawyer. Patrizia Maestranzi collaborating since 2002 with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce of Milan and was responsible for protecting the interests of citizens in Italy or Swiss companies.

Liability – In this context, the law firm provides advice and legal assistance regarding possible actions that the injured party may take civil action for compensation for the damages suffered as a result of an unlawful act. Particular attention is devoted to profiles of damages “non-pecuniary”, in the configuration of both the biological damage is of existential damage.

Labor Law – The firm is also involved in disputes concerning labor law and social security, assisting the parties both during the attempt at reconciliation at the litigation, dealing with issues and problems related to the employment relationship in its various facets.

Credit Recovery – Law Firm Maestranzi assists companies and individuals in the process of debt recovery, both in the court and in court, even when enforcement.